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Kauai which is also referred to as the Garden Isle by locals is the northernmost Hawaiian Island. This beautiful paradise has much to offer locals and tourists alike. Exploring Kauai is something that most people dream about but never has the chance to do. Here you can view the beautiful islands, cascading waterfalls, encompassing roaring cliffs, sun drenched sandy beaches, lush valleys and great surf. The majestic views that are offered here are beyond most visitors expectations. Being the oldest island it has tons of historical value that make exploring Kauai even better for those history buffs. You can view the waterfalls, volcanoes and other things that are offered in the area.

Since the weather is almost always beautiful in Kauai exploring the island is possible most days. If you are looking for a season to visit when the temperature is approximately 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a dry breeze consider visiting April to November. This is when most tourists benefit most from exploring Kauai. It’s the perfect season for tons of water activities such as swimming, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing and other similar activities.

When exploring Kauai there are many ways to do just that either by land, air or ocean. If you choose to explore the island by land you can do it by foot, bicycle, bus tour or car. You will be able to get to areas by simply walking there while others are more remote and can only be accessed by water or air. For these areas you can choose to take an air tour which allows you to see parts of the island that are very beautiful and secluded. For those who prefer to be on the areas that they are seeing you can access by boat. This is a great way to see different parts of the island including secluded beach areas. You can spend the day looking for sea shells, swimming and sun tanning in your on private area.

Many people exploring Kauai want to see all that they can include different beaches, waterfalls, mountains, volcanoes, museums, shows and anything else that helps to paint a true picture of how the locals really live. Exploring Kauai doesn’t have to stop at the bigger activities but should include mingling with the locals as well. Visit the local shops including the farmers markets to see what type of foods and products are sold here. Many tourists enjoy purchasing souvenirs from the shops and who knows you may actually find an outfit or a pair of sunglasses that you really like.

Exploring Kauai should also include visiting the local bars, clubs, pavilions and other wonderful local places that are great for adults. Checking out what the nightlife in Kauai has to offer is something that all adults should do at least one night during their visit. There are so much to explore that you need a night out to relax away from your hotel and family. This is a great option for couples or newly married.

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